As it’s Halloween, the most spooky time of year, we’ve compiled a particularly scary (AKA not scary at all) list of Halloween themed drinking games and Do’s and Don’ts for the night.

Of course, all games can be executed fantastically with or without alcohol, these are just some ideas for those of you with big plans for your Halloween night out.

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The name game ??

Starting off nice and simple.

Upon arrival to pre-drinks each individual must change their full name to a Halloween themed version of their name.

For the rest of pre-drinks everyone must call people by their Halloween themed name and they must only be called by theirs.

If these rules are broken then the culprit has to consume the rest off their drink.

If someone is wrongfully accused, the accuser has to then finish off their drink.

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Liq-Or-Treat ?

A spooky twist on a typical night of trick-or-treating…

Here’s how you play

Take 6 shot glasses. Fill half of the glasses with tasty alcohol and fill the other half with alcohol that’s more unpleasant (we tried it with chilli vodka)

Shuffle all the glasses around so no one knows what’s in the shot glasses…

Grab dice and start rolling. If you land on 1 then you drink the 1st shot, if you land on 2 then you drink the 2nd shot (and so on).

Repeat this process as many times as you like, or until you have reached optimum level of drunkenness
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Apple bobbing ?

We know, you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of apple bobbing! Great originality right…

Apple bobbing is one of, if not the most traditional game surrounding Halloween. So, to make it slightly less PG we’ve added some alcohol, food dye and severed hands (plastic ones of course).

Here’s what you need to do

Make a big bowl of Halloween punch and add red food dye to the mix to create a bloody illusion.

Carve the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 into individual apples and then add into the alcoholic punch along with some plastic severed limbs and eyeballs.

Each number represents the amount of ‘fingers’ (a measurement) you have to drink.

Continue until it’s time to head out, or until bite marks destroy the apples

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Hear no evil, speak no evil ??

There’s no aim of this game, just a list of words you can’t say out loud

Here’s what you need to do

Write up a list of words and display them clearly on your wall – Halloween themed would be fitting


If anyone says a banned word they have to do a shot of whatever spirit you can grab

Repeat offenders (3 times or more) can be told to down their drink by the host of pre drinks, at whatever time they choose

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DO get drunk and have fun

DON’T be afraid to go all out with the fancy dress

DO be creative (with decorations and costume)

DON’T be too offensive with your costume… 

DO carve a pumpkin! This is really fun to do with your housemates

DON’T forget to have a few sweets incase any trick or treaters come knocking

DO dress your animals in funny/matching costumes



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