Manchester has everything London has to offer you, but it’s considerably cheaper.

It has recently been voted in the ‘top 50 places to visit in the World’ by the New York Times. Manchester’s infrastructure and transport are world class, previously being ranked in the top 10 European city regions for transport links. To go alongside this, the media and tech industry in the city is thriving. There are excellent jobs prospects for graduates, which is why (nationwide) lots of students consider Manchester as a potential new home once they finish their studies.

The drink prices are low, as are transport costs. This city has everything that any other major cosmopolitan has, for a reduced price, and it has the second cheapest rent in the UK. Popular student venues have even lower priced food and drinks, The Font sells cocktails for as little as £2.

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Transport is ahead of the game.

For those who venture from the South, it can take some time to get used to the large metal trams running through the city. Trams are way more environmentally friendly, they head in all directions and help reduce congestion inner city, which makes getting around a lot easier and safer. Transport in Manchester provides connectivity across the whole city and region, and direct access to the rest of the UK and world. A popular form of transport is the Magic Bus, a student’s best friend. Students who live in Fallowfield will struggle with excuses to miss morning lectures and seminars, considering they are situated right next to the busiest bus route in Europe (Oxford Road).

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The Curry Mile; for when you’re craving a takeaway at 4am.

This street contains at least 70 takeaways and kebab shops that specialise predominantly in the cuisines of South East Asia and the Middle East. A notoriously busy street, especially in the early hours of the morning, and a necessity after a night in town.

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One thing you’ll never get bored of in Manchester is the incredible nightlife.

That goes hand in hand with a diverse music scene

This city has produced the likes of Oasis, The Smiths, and The Verve, and is home to venues such as the Albert Hall and Band On The Wall, that have hosted international stars. These are unsurprisingly key influencers when it comes to university choice; the social aspect of moving away to study is important to most students. When it comes to nightlife, Manchester is second to none. Birthplace to one of the most influential clubs ever, Sankeys, it has kept itself steady at the top of the list for best clubbing spots in the North.

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Manchester is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the UK.

With the population speaking upwards of 100 languages between them

The influx of international students every year adds to the diversity of the city, along with a large number of European and South East Asian citizens. This metropolis is also home to the second largest China Town in Europe, which is situated next to the infamous Gay Village. Both are important areas in the city that outline cultural acceptance amongst residents. The Gay Village is situated on Canal Street, which is lined with clubs and bars that attract people from around the globe and makes for a fun night out.

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The Northern Quarter is Manchester’s ‘cultural quarter’

It is known as the most vibrant neighbourhood in the North West and definitely offers the most character. Those who enjoy craft beer, independent shops/venues, art and bohemian vibes can be found in the Northern Quarter, at any time of day.

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