10 Cool Things You Could Spend Your Last Tenner On!

Jul 2017The Student Life

Only have a tenner left before you hit your overdraft? You could spend it on stocking up on cupboard essentials, or you could spend it on one of these nifty gadgets…

1. Mini Karaoke Microphone – £9.99

Sing, Record or Speak on the go with this mini microphone! It plugs into your iPhone perfect for a spontaneous sing song, or just to feel like you’re a professional reporter when on the phone to your mum.

 2. Slush Cuppy – £9.99

Make slush puppies wherever you are with this clever contraption! Simply freeze the white core overnight, pour your favourite drink in and watch the magic unfold.

3. Vino2Go – £9.99

This portable wine glass makes drinking on your travels easy and efficient. Plus it looks pretty classy!

4. Underwater Light Show – £9.99 

Gone are the days of boring old Baths, and in are disco’s whilst you unwind…These multicoloured lights will make any tub experience far more exciting!

5. Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer – £9.99

There’s nothing worse than forgetting about your cup of tea and letting it go cold…with this device this will become a problem of the past! Plus you’ll probably be very popular in the office! It helps that it looks cute.

6. Engage VR Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality is becoming a thing of the present, and you too could become a part of this new trend! Pair up your phone with compatible apps and wait to be impressed!

7. Love Island T-Shirts – £6

We’ve all been hooked on Love Island this summer, we can’t even deny it anymore. Show your love for the programme by getting one of these slogan t-shirts!

8. Unicorn Inflatable Drinks Boats – £9.45 

Arguably not a daily essential, but a wonderful helping hand for the summer months, perfect for taking a cold beer with you into the pool on holiday!

9. LED Desktop Fan – £9.60

An office essential for those muggy summer afternoons! This is powered by your laptop and the patterns it generates are also pretty awesome!

10. Seed Pantry Craft Beer Easy Grow Kit – £6.00

Want a new hobby this summer? Seed Pantry offer a variety of fun ideas with their easy grow kits! This easy craft beer kit is our pick of the bunch!