10 Everyday Student Struggles

Oct 2016Cool Stuff

Students have a hard life, we experience new struggles everyday…

1. Needing more money, but not bothering to get a job


After you’ve splurged all your loan on alcohol, Dominos and clothes, it gets to the point where you ponder how you will survive the term.

The conclusion most of us come to ‘I’ll just go into my overdraft a bit earlier than planned…’

Repeat for 3 years

Then cry when you realise how long it will take to get back out 

2. Cramming for an exam, then forgetting everything the minute you wake up the next day

And no matter how many times this happens, you never learn


3. Skipping lectures to sleep, then not being able to sleep because you feel guilty for skipping lectures

You convince yourself that you’re getting ill. It’s probably better for you to stay in bed. This way you won’t miss any more lectures for the rest of the week!

Lets be honest, there’s nothing harder than getting up at 8am for a 1 hour lecture…


4. Your inability to do laundry 

Which means on your next visit home you have bags of laundry making the journey with you.

That’s what parents are for right?


5. Choosing your next property… Do we pay more rent, or live somewhere with a mouldy kitchen/bathroom?


Think of how many extra jägerbombs you can get if you pay less rent!

It’s either your health and high standards, or more of your loan and more late nights


6. Wanting to be part of a sports team, but being too lazy to join a sports team

And this will probably be your biggest regret after finishing uni…

Who doesn’t want to drink dirty pints every Wednesday, neck your team mates and wear funny costumes?


7. Living on the top floor, furthest away from the bathroom and kitchen


You make sure you are fully prepared to sleep, but sleep is obstructed by that desperate need to use the toilet.

You have to fully except the fact you’ve got to get out of bed and venture down the stairs to rectify the situation.

And you can forget waking up for a late night snack, it’s just not worth it


8. Getting drunk the night before family members come to visit

This leads to you being an awful human being who wants no human interaction.

You can’t even enjoy the lovely meal you’ve been treated too, what a shame!


9. Signing your friends into the seminar, only for them to tell you they aren’t coming

The only reason you dragged yourself out of bed is because you both hate this module equal amounts. So you can suffer in silence together.

How will you make it through on your own?


10. Trying to type at the speed your lecturer changes the slides

This will always be our downfall. You can ask for them to slow down but they’ll probably say something like ‘well this is just the basics, if you do the reading you can make notes from that’

If you fail the module, blame it on your lecturers inability to time their slide changes…