10 Reasons Why You Simply Can't Miss Tonight's Love Island Final

Jul 2017The Student Life

 We’ll miss you Dr Marcel

Let’s be honest, this year’s Love Island has been an addiction for most of us, especially during our university holidays, and we don’t really know how we’re going to survive without it for the next month. Therefore we decided it would be only appropriate to compile 10 things we can’t miss about the show which are making it absolutely essential to tune in to tonight’s final. After all, this is our last opportunity to get our fix before we cry into our sofa’s at 9pm because of the love island shaped void in our lives.

1. We can’t miss Amber’s reactions throughout the results

God knows how she’ll react if Kem and Amber win and he steals her share of £50,000

2. We can’t miss Olivia being pyscho to poor Chris (mainly so we can defend him on Twitter)

Even if they wound us up through the whole series, Olivia’s hissy fits were sometimes entertaining, and if you look at her track record, we’re 90% sure we can guarantee one in the season finale

3. We can’t miss Chris and Kem rapping 

The story of a true bromance between a farmer and a barber, even Stormzy is a fan

4. We can’t miss Camilla letting loose even more

As soon as she said the phrase “lady in the street, freak in the sheets” Camilla seemingly loosened up from her posh exterior, even if she does bed Jamie with her pinky finger out

5. We can’t miss Dr Marcel being an absolute gem

He’s just the nation’s new hero, and we love him for it

6. We can’t miss our opportunity to oggle over all of the fit contestants one more time

Kem, you’re a worldie

7. We can’t miss Caroline Flack creating overwhelming tension and getting all the juicy gossip from the series

Come on Camilla, spill the beans

8. We can’t miss looking over the best bits of the series

It has overtaken our entire summer after all

9. We can’t miss the final challenge of the series

Even if it doesn’t beat sausage gate/karaoke

10. We can’t miss hearing those overused Love Island 2017 phrases for the last time in the series

 If you need them in your life when the series is over, you can even have them on a T Shirt for £6 in Primark. Definitely one thing you could spend your last tenner on.