10 Student Problems In Leeds

Oct 2016Cool Stuff


1. First things first, everyone thinks they’re a DJ

Forget heading in to town to see some up and coming international talent when you can watch your mates fight over who next gets a go on the CDJs

2. Everyones really quirky

If you think your outfit is on the edge of edgy there’s always going to be someone dressed more outrageously than you


3. Getting stuck to the dance floor in Pryzm

Seriously, why are there carpets in a club?


4. Being a Southerner and struggling to understand what anyone says

The Yorkshire lingo is definitely unique EY UP


5. There are far too many places to choose between when you’re going out

Which basically means you HAVE to go out every day of the week


6. The Otley Run is a necessity…

But it’s only fun the first couple of times… There’s a limit to the amount of times you can be sick down yourself and keep your respectability


7. There are too many places for you to splurge your loan



8. Discovering that there is a Greggs on basically every corner

You’ve been told you might put on a few pounds in freshers? It’s more like a few stone…


9. Leeds is the windiest city in the UK

… did you know it can rain sideways?!


10. Moving away from Hyde Park and not having a 24 hour Sainsbury’s on your doorstep