10 Everyday Student Struggles In Cardiff

Nov 2016Cool Stuff


1. Walking through Cathays on bin day, avoiding the aggressive cat-sized seagulls and mouldy food thats strewn across the pavement

Get me out of this s**t hole


2. Deciding to go shopping in Lidl and hitting peak time

Thus being stuck in queues with zombie students coming back from lectures, when all you want is a cheese twist and some Nougat Pillows

3. Battling for a drink on international rugby days

International rugby days are the BEST.

What we hate is fighting for a spot at the bar and pushing through swarms of oversized rugby fans that have travelled from all over the globe. Once you finally get that drink it is sweet sweet victory

4. Having ‘student nights’ in a different club every night of the week

It would be rude not to go out…


5. You’ll never find a cafe anywhere else that does breakfast like Cafe 37…

The solution to all your hungover problems lies in Cardiff forever


6. Fully delving into the university rivalries 

Even though you really don’t care 


 7. When you aren’t Welsh and after 3 years still struggle to understand what the locals are saying…

You what?


8. Theres too many places to chose from when you’re heading out for food or drinks

This is too overwhelming *exasperated sigh*


9. There are too many pubs

Quids in on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… We didn’t choose the pub life, it chose us


10. Cardiff will become your new home, meaning you’ll never want to leave 


Please don’t make us go!