10 Student Struggles; The Christmas Edition

Dec 2016The Student Life



For you poor students, December/January is the least merry time of the year. Everyone else is bathing in festive spirits; you’re drowning in deadlines and revision.

If there’s one thing to remember, you aren’t alone in suffering and that should be something to give thanks for.

To reiterate this point, heres 10 relatable struggles students are facing over the next several weeks…


1. It’s not really Christmas if you have to do uni work the whole time, right?

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2. Deadlines in January, exams in January, and not enough time.

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Cry, drink mulled wine, cry again, have a bucks fizz, keep crying.


3. No one else is getting excited for Christmas, so neither are you

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Drown your sorrows in Eggnog and copious amounts of Celebrations.


4. Any sort of Christmas decoration you try and put up in your uni house looks s**t, basically.

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You’ll never know how your parents manage to make the house look so festive and cosy every year.


5. You start getting presents that you actually need

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All you want is money, food and enough clothes for you to avoid doing any laundry.


6. You probably don’t have an advent calendar

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It hurts just as much every time you hear ‘you don’t need an advent calendar this year, you’re a bit too old for that’.


7. The food at home is so good you’ll never want to leave

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Forget ‘freshers few’, it’s all about that Christmas weight you pile on in preparation for long nights of just pasta and beans.


8. You have no time to see your friends from home over the holidays while they are all out having fun

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But whatever, you aren’t bothered right?


9. Not being able to afford gifts for friends and family

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You’ve got to the end of term and thus, the end of your loan. Looks like everyones getting a selection box.


10. Those few days you allow yourself to have fun with your family get immediately overtaken…

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… with a raging pang of guilt for not revising and playing games and watching Elf instead.

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