10 Things To Do With Your New Flatmates in Freshers Week

Aug 2017The Student Life


Use these top tips for a Fresher’s Week to remember (or forget…)


Visit the Fresher’s Fayre. You may be hungover and feel like this is a waste of time, but when you realise the abundance of freebies you can gain from a quick 10 minute walk to the Student Union, you will realise it’s worth it. From Domino’s to doorstops, drinks vouchers to T Shirts – and the best part is that it’s all free. Maybe try and visit some society stalls you’re interested in while your at it too, the biggest regret at the end of uni is ‘I wish i’d  joined a society’. Don’t be that guy/gal.


Go to IKEA. Everyone get’s to uni and doesn’t know quite what essentials to bring for communal areas. You’ll probably end up with about 17 saucepans, one broken iron and a coffee machine. Where’s the kettle? Where’s the cutlery? You need to visit IKEA, and go and buy the essentials as a flat. Let’s be honest you’ll probably end up returning with a Bonsai Tree and multipacks of colourful straws, but it’s always a fun day out. Make sure you all go and have meatballs to finish off your trip too, a tradition that shouldn’t be broken.


Have hungover debrief’s. You may as well start as you mean to go on for the year, so discussing all of your drunken antics is a great place to start. You might also be able to shed some light on what actually happened when you knock your heads together.


Go to a different post night out takeaway everyday, and pick your favourite. You’ll most likely find that there are about ten takeaways near you where you can get your cheesy chips, but you will always find that one rules over all the others. Test the water and visit a different one each day to establish your kebab of choice for the upcoming year.


Assign your household roles. Whose the liability? Whose the mum of the house? You may as well decide now so you know your place.


Actually attempt to clean up pres after each night out. Ok it’s pretty boring, especially when you’re flat will end up in an absolute state after every single night out, but if you at least try and put away the cups and bottles on a daily basis, you’ll save yourself multiple trips to the dump, and multiple arguments over whose done the most washing up after only one week of living together.

Binge watch Netflix together. Deciding on your favourite Netflix shows is a crucial part of living communally. You need to agree on a series, and watch it together. Incorporating drinking games and heated debate makes this even more of a bonding experience.


Play Cards against Humanity. Or any other form of card game such as Ring of Fire, this is where you really get to know each other.



Stalk Each Other on Social Media. Even if we hadn’t suggested this, let’s be honest you’d do it anyway. How else will you know what you’re housemates were like at school unless you stalk their Instagram/Facebook from the past four years?


Have Fun. It’s obvious but essential. Freshers week is the only time where you have little responsibility other than meeting your housemates, getting drunk, and generally have a good time. So don’t be a bore, make an effort with you’re new housemates, and you’ll establish a bond to last the next three years of your Uni experience!