10 Times Love Island Related To Fresher Students Life

Jun 2017The Student Life

 1. You’ve necked on with half of your housemates on numerous occasions


2. When you’re so done with life there’s no way you can remove yourself from your bed for your 9am seminar


3. When you introduce one of your girl mates to the boys you live with and its like they’ve never seen a female before

 4. When you lose ring of fire and have to take the dirty pint like a champ


5. When you eat all of your housemate’s food and have to pretend it wasn’t you


6. When everyone thinks you died the night before from too many tequilas, but you’re ready and back for more


7. When drinking games at pres got out of hand


8. When you pull a fitty in the SU


9. When the mum and dad of the house try not to judge your stupid daily life choices 


10. When you are torn between actually getting a degree and downing 10 VK’s each day