5 Holiday Destinations you WON'T BELIEVE you can afford this summer

Aug 2017The Student Life

You won’t even need to extend your overdraft


With Greece’s economic downfall continuing to spiral, prices are at an all-time low, meaning holidaying there is becoming increasingly cheap. Many holiday websites are offering packages allowing two week stays in destinations such as Corfu for as little as £100 including flights and accommodation. Food and drink is ridiculously inexpensive, and the sandy beaches are perfect to unwind on. It might not be the fanciest greek island but when it’s this cheap you can cut your losses.


Thailand’s thriving capital offers a blend between the old and the new with many historic, as well as contemporary sights to visit. From the floating water markets to scenic temples, there is truly something for everyone. Prices are extremely low meaning you can sample fine Thai cuisine on a minimal budget, and services such as tailored suit making and full body massages are equally as low. Flights are slightly more expensive than the other ‘budget’ destinations, but we’ve got you covered with our incredible competition. You could be in with the chance of winning flights, accommodation and transfers for you and one friend, potentially making the ultimate holiday on a budget, a reality.


Always wanted to go to Croatia? Look no further with accommodation available for just over a tenner a night. See the beautiful Sun Salutation for a spectacular light display, perfect for being the envy of your Instagram pals, or embrace the buzzing nightlife the town has to offer. A perfect combination of relaxation and thrill for a spontaneous break.


Fly to Italy for only £50 return, to the heart of Italy. Fit with wine bars, fine restaurants and local history, Olbia is the perfect destination for a week away. Discover this hidden gem, right next to the harbour for a relaxing vacation.


Didn’t think you’d be able to get together the cash to go as far as Morroco this summer? There may be a solution! Easyjet are offering voucher codes, allowing you to holiday for less. With beautiful beaches and mountains to visit, you’ll be spoilt for choice with activities. You can even go on late night treks through the desert to make a holiday to remember.