5 Things Every Student Will Do Over Freshers Week

Jul 2017The Student Life

You won’t be any different

1. Sign up for approximately eight societies you will never attend

It seems like a good idea at the time, you’re hungover, you’re lapping up the free Domino’s pizza, and amongst all of it, you decide to join an excessive amount of societies. From Kung Fu Society to Korfball, you get sucked in by the over-friendly students and your influx of e-mails from their weekly mailing list will continue to wind you up throughout the year. Because, your only extra-curricular activity really is going to the Union on student nights.


2. Pull one of your housemates

You’ve just got to university, you’re a bit over excited and haven’t considered the ‘don’t sleep with your housemates rule’ fully enough, and bam. They’ve ended up in your bed, ON THE FIRST NIGHT. It seems like a good idea when you’re drunk, but slightly less good when you both traipse into the kitchen the next morning for a sea of applause from your flatmates. Then again, they’ll probably do the same thing themselves tonight.


3. Decorate your room simply to ruin it by the second night of Freshers

We all did it, we got into university and went to IKEA for an over-excited haul, buying a plethora of unnecessary décor for our tiny rooms in halls. From the cactus collection to the mini fridge, when your Mum helps you to move in, it looks perfect. Then you get drunk. Drunk you is less particular about the formation of candles on your bedside table, and will probably rip down all of the photos you’ve symmetrically aligned on the wall. Oh well, you’ll continue to get this pissed for the rest of the year so you may as well just leave the room in chaos now.


4. Not turn up to anything that’s actually important

It’s week one of the next three years of your life, everything you’ve done up until now has led up to this moment, you’re at University. Yet still, you can’t muster up enough courage to attend any of your introduction lectures due to the severity of your VK hangover, or if you did you passed out on the stranger next to you anyway.


5. Go out EVERY night

Most weekends in sixth form you have one fairly tame night out a week, and spend the next five days recovering, before doing it all again. At uni, this is not an option. You have to man up. You are independent now. You may do little else for the first two weeks of your uni experience, but if you don’t make it out every single night, you’re weak, and your housemates won’t be afraid to remind you of this. You may have been sick in the club toilet’s the night before, but hey, it’s freshers, so get a few Jagers down you, and get on with it.