6 Different Housemates You Meet When Looking Around Houses

Mar 2017The Student Life

The 6 Different Housemates You’ll Encounter When You Go For House Viewings…

The one who literally couldn’t give less of a s**t

They open the door and barely acknowledge your keen faces, what are they like with their own housemates?! They’ve only just woken up and let you in without really questioning who you are or what you’re doing. In less than 10 seconds they’ve planted themselves back on the sofa, leaving you guys to awkwardly navigate the house without knowing who is in what room or whether they’re going to be asleep or not.



The future sales person

This guy or girl jumps up enthusiastically and offers to show you around, even if someone else has opened the door. They beckon you in and before you know it, you feel like you’re on an episode of “Location, Location, Location”. They ask questions about what you’re looking for, discuss the pros and cons of the house, and express how much they’ve loved living there. We can’t help but love ‘em but also wonder if there’s some agreement with the landlord… or are we just being cynical? This is definitely the house proud housemate.



The hungover one

Similar to point one but part of their post night out buzz makes them show you around, moving from their comfy spot is not a regular occasion in this student house. They slowly take you around, holding doors open for you, voice croaking and asking the odd question. You can’t help but feel their pain, f**k doing this on a hangover when the sofa and TV are calling.



The pissed off one

They haven’t been told that you guys are coming over and boy, they are pissed. You feel awkward as hell but their attitude starts getting annoying. A) Does it really matter? B) It isn’t our fault C) Let it go, pal, we’ll be five minutes D) Thank God you’re not living with them…


The anti-landlord one

You can tell this person has had a mare with their landlord but might be too scared to say. It’s all in the eyes as they try to ask you if you’ve looked elsewhere and hints at the issues they’ve had. Kind of reminds you of scary films when someone who has been kidnapped has to talk normally to someone because their kidnapper is behind them.




The fit one

You’ve turned up and a fitty has opened the door. Suddenly, this viewing becomes a lot more exciting, especially if you’re a group of all the same sex. You smile and laugh at all their jokes around the house and catch your mate’s eyes when you’re in their bedroom. Once the door is closed and you’re out of ears reach, let the chat commence. It’s guaranteed someone will mention sniffing their mattress if you move in (or maybe that was just us). You count your lucky stars that you don’t have to face this beautiful human in the house when you have a grotty hangover…



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