9 Stereotypical University Student Rooms

Mar 2017The Student Life

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The one who likes to party

Ever stepped into a room and you just know they haven’t had a proper tidy up since Freshers fortnight? That’s the one. Clothes and shoes are piling up in mountains in select corners so the floor can be seen in patches, the walls are littered with photos of friends and family from home. It looks like they initially made an effort with cute bed sheets, matching office gear and lots of colour, but the student life has taken over. There are fairy lights everywhere for when it’s time for pre drinks, and a speaker to boot, along with a stash of Sainsbury’s own vodka on the cupboards for last minute night out plans. You just know this room belongs to a party go-er.

The bookworm

Everyone starts out motivated at Uni, and this is the only person who hasn’t crumbled by October. Stacks of books in different piles, whether they’re relevant to Uni, fiction and non-fiction, litter the place. Expect a bed that’s kept neat and tidy, with tons of brown pillows and comfy blankets tucked in the corner, ready for the dweller to pick up their favourite book and get comfy. You can expect a quote from J.K Rowling or Tolkien on the wall about reading, the occupier of this room is not much of a party go-er. There’s always a full flask on the bedside table alongside a pair of reading glasses, the linger of Nescafe cinnamon and books.


The traveller


The owner of this room has been travelling, and likes for everyone to know it! There are souvenirs everywhere, from the tapestry on the wall to wooden figurines on the bookshelf. Pamphlets, plane tickets and photo prints make up a collage on the wall. A surreal delight in yoga and mental wellbeing is quite common, if they don’t answer your knock at the door picture them in the lotus position with incense lit around the room. A map of the world is taped up on the wall along with photos of adventures they’ve been on. This room is most often zen and light with unique features, leaving the smell of floral candles on your clothes after every visit. An ‘insta’ perfect room.


The jock

This guy has a pair of rugby boots rammed in the nook of the front door, a bike stored in the spare corner of the room and trophies from various university championships on the shelves. You can tell that sport is this guy’s life. Different clubs and societies’ uniform rests on the back of their desk chair, so you know he’s ready to get up and go whenever he’s late. The room is made up of greens and blues, with a rug on the floor to make sure no dirt is dragged through from outside.

The jockette

This girl was born with a lacrosse stick grasped between two tiny pink fists, her parents telling her to ‘go for it’. Netballs, hockey sticks and athletics studs can be seen in the corners of the room with an open backpack crammed with books on the floor (the only sign she takes time off to study). The rest of the ensemble is girly and pink, with fancy Laura Ashley bedsheets, one set in the washing basket and one set on the bed. You can expect her bed to always be slightly unmade as it’s best used as a dumping ground while she rushes home to switch bags between games.

The night owl

Many students make the mistake of bringing their Xbox or TV to university… and BAM. Games litter the shelves where books should lay, DVDS stack up rolling onto the desk, and an endless number of remotes for different consoles pile up on the bedside table. You’ll find a freshly made bed within a dark room ready for optimum film viewing and gaming. Normally accompanied by a funky lava lamp or two, this room rarely sees daylight. The curtains remain shut as it’s dark outside by the time the night owl rises, but there are lamps and coloured lights all over the room to make up for it. The TV is huge and perfect for keeping flatmates awake during midnight screenings.


The laid back one

It may look like the inside of Yankee Candle but trust me – it’s a student bedroom. Whether their taste is for books or meditation, this kid never really makes time to work and frankly doesn’t need to. So many pillows live on their bed it’s hard to believe they don’t suffocate, but they make it work. There’s often pictures on the wall of a few of their friends, and they don’t really care for moving any of their work out from under the bed. Slight attempts are made at decor, you’ll spot some bunting or a thread of fairy lights. Subtlety is key, and their material possessions are not in an abundance. This room loves the sunlight, and on a sunny day a warm patch of sun hits the carpet for a few hours, making a perfect spot for an afternoon nap whilst listening to Tame Impala.

The promoter

Event tickets are scattered all over a messy desk and the walls are plastered with posters from nights out they’ve hosted and attended as well as festivals and gigs they’ve gone to. Don’t be surprised to see quotes on the wall about ‘being a baller’ or ‘we run this city’. Most of the clothes in their room aren’t theirs as they pull… A LOT… which probably isn’t the best if their housemates are light sleepers. This room doesn’t see much light but is always lit with a string of fairly lights above the bed, there’s evidence of uni work but it’s a small and crumpled pile on the desk. If you want a flyer it won’t be hard to find one on the floor, a hoovering session won’t be happening anytime soon – and try not to touch anything unless you want to be washing glitter out of your hair for a week.


The Homes For Students’ Student

And the best one – a balance of late nights out and that studious person you hope you’ll become at University! Kept neat and tidy, everything has a place in this room. There’s a good balance on the desk of souvenirs, photos with friends, and gadgets. Class notes are organised in neats folders and piled up ready for a seat to be taken and notes to be made, the whole set up is motivating. A white lamp on the bed-side table is perfect to give that little evening push to do some work, or for when there are just ‘a few more pages’ of reading to go. A flask is always at the ready for that necessary caffeine boost or when one might need a warming hot chocolate on a chilly night. The bed is always made and inspiring posters are dotted around on the walls. Minimalism is the way forward.

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