9 Things You'll Understand If You Studied In Nottingham

Nov 2016The Student Life

1. There’s no club in the world that will ever compare to Ocean














We love Ocean and the gross carpet floors it comes with


2. Speaking of Ocean, it would not be the same without Andy Hoe


















The man, the myth, the legend of cheesy dance music and King of Ocean


3. Lenton is the place to be after leaving halls, obviously

Meet me in Bag O Nails for a dirt cheap pint yeah?


4. You have to visit Wollaton Hall at least once















I am the Batman.


5. Early morning walks to uni anywhere between November and March could quite possibly lead to hypothermia, and eventually death.












6. Sainsburys is where you’ll bump into any one you’ve ever met at uni












… and everyone you never wanted to see again


7. It’s official, you can’t beat Annie’s Burger Shack

Annie’s a babe and so are her burgers 


8. Rivalries go further than individual universities

Your halls choice says a lot about you… and who hates you


9. You’ve mounted the lion at least once

Its got to be the left lion, don’t ask