Amazon Go; Just Walk Out Stores

Dec 2016The Student Life


It all started with a website we’d visit, purely to top up on our reading material. Amazon have just launched their new store ‘Go’. The promotional video shows shoppers walking into the store, putting items in their bags, and leaving.

No checkouts, no grocery lines, you just go.

The first store is opening in Seattle in 2017, it will let customers pay without interacting with self-service machines or store staff.


Here’s the video:



The store and the App use sensors, computer vision, and deep learning to work out what people have placed in their shopping bags.

Pick up an item and put it into your bag… Change your mind and take it out… Amazon Go keeps track of everything you do in the store, making it a breezy process for everyone.

If you enjoy queueing in the typical British fashion – huffing, puffing, and general exasperated sighs for fellow shoppers – then perhaps you aren’t as excited as we are for the inevitable launch of an Amazon Go in the UK?! If you still enjoy the shopping experience, but hate the treacherous queues that come with it, then lets pray Amazon Go comes to a city near you soon!

For students, there will certainly be some limitations. It’s fairly unlikely we’ll be able to wonder into our local ‘Go’ store, pick up a 1.5 litre bottle of strongbow and a pot noodle and casually stroll out. Because, we’re guessing this experience will not be cheap.

Nevertheless – Amazon has done it again.

The store of the future, indeed. 


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