Cardiff Student Union Puppy Petting Day

Jan 2017Cool Stuff

All you need to know about our puppy procrastination event

On January 17th the University Cribs marketing team are bringing students of Cardiff the best form of procrastination – PUPPIES! Prior to our afternoon puppy event we will also be hosting a free coffee morning in one of the students favourite local coffee shops, Coffi Bank.

Over a thousand students registered for the event where they will be showered with puppy kisses and cuddles. Our Facebook event reads;

Are you stressed out from long, boring sessions in the library? We definitely have the solution… Come to Cardiff SU and get your paws on the cutest and cuddliest puppies we could find. It’s been scientifically proven that even the most brief encounter with these adorable doggies can reduce your stress levels. Don’t pass up the chance to pet some pups, head on over and meet your new furry friends on January 17th.

As graduates, we understand the stress of spending every day in the library revising for important exams, especially when January brings about the blues. So we thought we’d help out, and what better than fuelling morning revision sessions, followed by meeting a team of puppies ready to play. The event will be run in support of the mental health charity Mind, who offer advice and support to anyone struggling with a mental health problem. There will be several posters and collection buckets around on the day of the event.

All our puppies ask is that you’re gentle with them, let them have their nap if they’re sleeping and only feed them their special puppy food! We plan on bringing this activation to several cities around the UK, aiding students in their revision throughout the whole year and bringing awareness to mental health problems.