Make Your House A Cosy Home For The Autumn Term

Oct 2017The Student Life

Now you’re ready to spend more nights in your Crib, you’ll at least want to make it a cosy one.

A cheap way to spruce up your house without breaking the bank is to root around and find yourself some cosy homeware which will still appear friendly to your student loan. Try Primark to find a selection of pillows, throws and cushions that will make your room feel like you are right at home with their ‘Chill Out’ range. If you want to add a homely touch to your room try IKEA, they have an amazing selection of homeware at affordable prices.

Getting an insulated sheet which you can slot behind your curtains to keep the cold out when it’s getting chilly outside is a great way to save money and keep warm at the same time. Not only will you be the envy of your friends for thinking of this savvy heating hack, it will also save you a ton of money on your energy bills, or at least keep you out of the household argument revolving around when the heating should be on…

If there is a draft coming through your door, buy a door draft stopper, simple. They only cost about £10 online, but you can most probably find cheaper if you’re a true bargain hunter, they also double up as an actual doorstop – genius.

Hot water bottles are also a good buy if you want to keep warm when you are in bed, there’s no home comfort like a hot drink and a hot water bottle in bed on those frosty evenings. You can get these very cheaply from all local supermarkets, plus they are great to cuddle up to if you don’t have a winter boyfriend/girlfriend, cry. If you’re a true grandma, and hot-bot lover, you might even think of getting one of these nifty covers…

Although appliances such as electric blankets and space heaters may seem like a quick fix to warming up, they use a lot of electricity so your bills might increase, you are better off piling on the jumpers instead to keep cosy, and money savvy too.

You need a house to make into an autumn home first, find your future student property HERE