Health And Fitness For Students Over The Christmas Period

Dec 2016The Student Life


Christmas is here, so eat as much food and as much booze as your hearts desires and don’t feel ashamed about one gulp or bite. It’s our time to shine. Students are known to be ‘the ones with the bad diet’, so let’s show them how it’s done. Don’t be worried if you’ve not hit your workout target for this month, because no one else has, nor have they actually bought the presents they said they would in October.

We deserve the break. You’ve studied your little socks off, or so your Grandma will remind you when you see her Boxing Day, for the last three months. So take the mince pie and say yes to any extra glasses of Mum’s mulled wine. Be courteous.

Let’s not forget all the money that has gone from our student bank account to the high street stores. The process of thinking about Christmas shopping was quite enjoyable, but oh-so time consuming. It was just another form of procrastination away from that final week assignment. So, yes, Crimbo grub is my reward.

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You might think you’re being good if you turn away the calories.

You might like to think of yourself as quite angelic, even, to be able to politely decline a second mince pie but you’re wrong. Your family and friends will try to convince you to eat and drink, and you should for one reason and one reason only. It’s the only time of the year, other than Easter, that you’re allowed. So don’t be the silly, annoying one who’s still on the diet, take the darn extra portion otherwise you will regret that mouth-watering experience in next semester. Make the most of all the festive delicacies because if you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself for not eating when society told you to when 9th Jan hits and you really need to be kicking yourself into action.

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Each of you has a reason to indulge. If this is your first Christmas as a University student, congratulations! Six months ago, or thereabouts, you had convinced yourself you wouldn’t even get into Uni and look at you now. Essays submitted and societies joined, so enjoy the warm welcome you get when you drive home for Christmas! Second years, you made it another year! Enjoy the Jingle Bells because alarm bells will ring when you’re back on the stress-zone of campus. Now, to you third and final guys and gals, I’m proud of you. You’ve been through it all, almost. You have one semester left of your University life.

So, when you’re not drowning in those Christmas assignments and that dissertation you are already on top of, allow yourself to drown in disgusting amounts of luscious food and tipples. When you’re back for the last term of them all, you’ll feel like toppling and then you’ll smile that you used your Christmas break wisely. Fill your boots, or stockings, and see you on the other side!


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