Hitting That Snooze Button Makes You More Intelligent

Jan 2017The Student Life


Overusing the snooze button is a common symptom when you suffer from the ‘lazy student’ bug. It comes with the aura of the undisciplined, who have little work in the day and are reckless in the night. But luck (or pure chance) has spun in the way of the sleepy students… If you hit that snooze button and get your extra 10 minutes kip then you are likely to be more creative, intelligent and all around happier than the rest of us!

A recent study ‘Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent’ directly links the ‘snoozing’ of your alarm to independence of spirit, intelligence and creativity.



How is that possible? I hear you ask…

Authors of the study (Satoshi Kanazawa and Kaja Perina) argue that we are extremely well adapted to sleeping and living exactly as our ancestors once did. Early to bed and early to rise, no alarms needed. But according to this British study, by snoozing an alarm you are adapting to modern life better than others, and this is an apparent sign of intelligence. As the ‘snooze button’ is a new technological invention (one which evolution has not prepared us for) it takes a smarter person to adapt to making use of it… *and breathe*

Now I hear some of you tutting at your screens, but bear with me. If we feel like we need that extra 9 minutes rest, then we should allow ourselves that opportunity. This shows that we are learning to listen to our own bodies instead of the rules of a physical clock. If you allow yourself to sleep like this you are scientifically more likely to pursue your passions and find your own solution to solve problems. From this, individuals become more creative, independent and happy.

So next time you’re moaned at for missing your 9am lecture, hit them with the cold hard facts, sleeping that extra 10 minutes will be beneficial in the long run. Go to bed later to give yourself time for all your work and creative problem solving, then allow yourself an extra snooze in the mornings. Who even goes to 9am lectures anyway?


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