The Only Student Bank Account You Need

Jun 2017The Student Life

The Bank of the Future

 This is the new way to save money as a student, with a brand new banking experience

Forget what you thought you knew about banking and budgeting, Monzo is a bank that does things differently. The founders of Monzo are bringing outdated banking traditions up to speed with modern technology, aka, making banking ‘student friendly’. And with a card waitlist already standing at 20,000 people, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got the link HERE you need to skip straight to the front of the queue…


What’s so special about Monzo?

As of April 5th, Monzo became a fully licensed, authorised bank which will be ready to go by the end of the year. With a bank that is all mobile you no longer need to venture into town to your local branch, every banking feature you could possibly need is accessible through your app. And we all know how hard it is trying to get someone from the bank on the other end of the phone; Monzo has a 24/7 In-App Chat to answer any of your questions, within 10 minutes!



If you misplace your card, you can freeze it through your app!

What are the app features?

You can choose to receive phone alerts when you complete a card payment, notifying you how much you’ve spent and where. Proof of payment can be added to any purchase by simply scanning your receipt onto your phone, this is a popular feature for the absent minded. And there will be no more fumbling around for a card reader, you can send and receive payments instantly with your friends who use Monzo too! It’s easy to see how Monzo now has over 200,000 users with over £250 million spent across 180 countries.




View your current balance and spends, allow lock-screen notifications, and transfer your Monzo friend’s cash in 5 seconds!

Budgeting is a huge struggle amongst the student population. So, what if we told you that you could budget your spending within your banking app? Monzo gives you the option to categorise your spends, set targets for different categories and then set yourself weekly budgets for those categories. If you want to ensure you don’t overspend, it’s time to stop making ‘notes’ of what you spend and take advantage of the bank that does it for you.




Track spending targets, upload receipts straight onto the app, use Monzo for FREE ANYWHERE

With your Monzo card, you no longer have to wait for 3 days for contactless transactions to leave your account. All contactless payments are deducted straight away. In keeping with the tradition ‘save the best till last’ you should know that you can use Monzo for free, ANYWHERE. You simply take the MasterCard exchange rate at the time leaving you to take advantage of this feature for your summer travel plans!


How do you join the Monzo community?

Here at University Cribs we firmly believe that Monzo holds the future of mobile banking. We’ve been gifted a queue jump link from HQ to push our student users to the front of the waitlist, but be quick as the link will be live for a limited time only! This is a great opportunity for students who want to take control of their finances, and on top of all this it’s a FREE signup.

Get your pre-paid card ordered today to experience the features of the Monzo app, and be ready for a full bank account at the end of the year!