Part Time Jobs Perfect For A Student At University

Oct 2017The Student Life

Getting flexible work while you’re at university is a great way to fund any extra expenses you might have as a student.

 We’ve come up with a list of ideas for you to get some extra cash, so you don’t have to feel bad about splashing out on the VK’s.

High street shops

High street shops often look for students to take on part-time shifts on weekends, or on your day off uni. They also offer discounts to employees too meaning that pair of shoes that you don’t really need are all that much cheaper.


Working in a bar is a great choice if you like to lead a busy social life but also want to earn some money on the side too. Bars often have flexible shifts to fit around your degree, plus you’ll be working in a fun work environment and will probably pull a few pints for your mates while your at it, meaning you won’t feel like your missing out on that trip to the pub.


You might get a bit of stick from your mates at first but they’ll be thanking you when you get to skip the queues when you go out. Shifts are usually flexible and rotas change weekly meaning its perfect for busy people whose schedules change all the time. You’ll also save a lot of money on club entry through the year too.

Student Union

Most student unions offer jobs to people working in various outlets on a flexible basis. This means not only will you have many like-minded people to swap shifts with, but you’ll also be skilled in different areas which are highly employable when you leave uni.

Job Shop

Some universities even offer part-time work through their ‘job shop’ hub. These offer one-off shifts for those of you who can’t commit to a regular part-time job. They often range from working as stewards, to bar shifts or promotional work. Job shops are a great way to up your skills and earn a bit of money when you have a night off in the week.

Agency work

Like job shop, agency work is another way to find flexible part-time shifts when and where you want them. Sign up to a local agency to receive updates of jobs going in your area.

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