Puppy Petting Day

Feb 2017The Student Life

Meet The Puppy Team

As recent graduates, we decided that some form of productive procrastination is needed around exam periods when stress levels are high and motivation is low. We all know the feeling of dull days spent in a busy library. The only noise heard is the heavy and furious typing of fingers on innocent keyboards, tap-tapping of pens on desks while the culprit nibbles their fingers to a nub, and the knock-knocking of heads on tables to check if our brain is still there or if it’s just an empty, dusty skull. So we spent our time thinking, how can we distract these poor students from the misery that comes with January, its well-known blues and, of course, exams?


Suddenly, a wave of genius hit the office – let’s fill a room with the cutest puppies we can find and have the students come and cuddle them! Because, who doesn’t love puppies? And we want to destress you students and allow you take your mind to a happier place for a little while. And at this point in the semester, any new method of procrastination is welcomed…


On January 17th we held our very first ‘Puppy Petting Day’ at Cardiff University Students’ Union, and according to you students, it was a huge success!


Just LOOK at them



We almost snuck this one back to the office with us 

It’s scientifically proven that petting pups is extremely beneficial for our health and wellbeing, and a much better form of procrastination than ‘Netflix & avoid responsibilities’. Dissertation deadlines, highlighted pages of scribbled notes, and unopened text books can be left for the afternoon.


One hundred of these please ^


Following the popularity of our event in Cardiff we decided to roll our puppy campaign out to different student unions across the UK. Our first stop, Bristol. So far we’ve held two different puppy petting days at The Students’ Union at UWE, at Frenchay campus and Glenside campus. UWE hosted ‘Feel Good February’ at their Students’ Union, and incorporated our puppy events into the month.


You can find us on February 21st for our final Bristol event being held at The Students’ Union at Bower Ashton campus. Our pre-registration link will be released shortly, keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and news surrounding the events!



These two pups are almost too cute…


University can be challenging and stressful, especially during exams so we chose to put the event on in aid of the mental health charity ‘Mind’. ‘Mind’ offer help and advice to empower people that experience mental health problems. Student Mind offers students support to help overcome mental health issues and make university life easier and more enjoyable. 


We will continue raising money for ‘Mind’ through any more puppy petting events that we run, as well as providing students with a healthy form of procrastination.