10 Student Problems In Plymouth

Oct 2016Cool Stuff

Did you even go to The Hoe if you didn’t snapchat it?

1. We have to deal with our friends at other uni’s telling us how bad the nightlife in Plymouth is…

Erm, we have clubs open till 5am, what do you have? Don’t knock it till you try it 



2. We have to be friendly all the time… Plymouth residents have a reputation to uphold

The Big Lunch charity named us the second friendliest city in the UK



3. If you lived in Gillwell you might as well except the fact you are a C grade citizen…

That place is a prison, there’s no escape


4. The hellish queue that awaits you outside Jakes at 4am…

Cheesy chips are a necessity after a drunken night out


5. Having to wear a pair of shorts and flip flops when the sun comes out…

The sun is out so everyone immediately thinks that it will be warm. Shorts and flip flops are the go to clothing item for boys in this weather


6. Plymouth is a city full of tea drinkers, apologies to all the coffee lovers out there

‘Newby Teas’ research found that the average resident of Plymouth drinks 4.2 cups of tea a day… Plymouth dwellers have discovered the sensuality of tea


7. We aren’t known for our athleticism… 

Plymouth is home to Olympic diver Tom Daley, but we’re not sure the rest of us live up to them standards

8. The closest Gregg’s is in Exeter

What did we do to deserve this kind of neglect?


9. Students are always drunk

How do we decide what night of the week to go out? Or which cheap drink deal to take up that night? Such a struggle…

10. Trying to enjoy the end of a night in Cuba…

…whilst being manically grabbed by those stragglers who haven’t managed to pull yet