How Students Are Saving 100's Of Hours Finding Their Next Student House…

Sep 2017The Student Life

How you can save 100’s of hours on your student house hunt

As as a student trying to balance a busy lifestyle, time is precious. Therefore, saving time in areas which can be a chore – such as finding your student house – is extremely important if you want to spend less time on the boring stuff, and more time socialising! Gone are the days where you have to spend hours trawling through multiple letting agents and enduring endless house viewings, thanks to the student search portal University Cribs. We’ve streamlined the student house hunt process by creating a route to rental which can be completed on one platform, making everything just that little more efficient from the word go.


University Cribs is an online student portal which lists properties from multiple different agents and private accommodation providers in your city, all under one easy to use website, giving you access to hundreds of properties, instantly. This savvy service means time can be saved as there is no longer a need to traipse through each property provider individually, and you don’t even need to leave your home (or bed) to do so.

Stuck at where to start with your property search? This process is simple from the get-go once you access the University Cribs website. Simply sign up to the site and use the optional filters as a signpost to the properties suited to you and your group of mates. Once you’ve found some that you like, simply share them with your friends and contact the letting agent through the site to book a viewing. Viola, you’ve found your future home, in a matter of a few clicks.


What next? Don’t fear – we won’t leave you clueless! If you’re worried about signing the contract, bills payments or the other in’s and outs of your new property, you can simply refer to our blog page to find tons of useful tips and tricks for your student house, as well as city specific blog posts and hacks to help you to do student living right. 


This isn’t the only way Cribs can save you time – through the introduction of Virtual Reality software. If you don’t have time to go to multiple house viewings with your housemates around your busy schedule, VR offers you the opportunity to have a 360 degrees tour of properties are the touch of a button. This innovative technology allows you to optimize your time elsewhere as you can view properties in detail on-the-go!