The Swansea VS Cardiff Welsh Varsity, 2017

Apr 2017The Student Life

Varsity; The Battle Of The Year

April 3rd marked the start date of this years annual Welsh Varsity… the fight between Swansea and Cardiff, two proud Welsh universities, commenced. Come April 5th, and a tidal wave of students donning greens and reds hit the Welsh capital, wreaking havoc for just one day in search of sweet, sweet victory.


Each year this brutal rivalry comes to a head as teams of students compete for the number one position in over 30 sporting events across the week. One team is in with the chance of winning the Varsity Shield, and there can only be one winner…

Our morning was spent milling around high-spirited students, applying tribal face paint (for the ultimate Varsity warrior look of course), and supplying the necessary pre-drinking cups and ‘Go Team’ try signs to accompany the infamous chants shouted throughout the day.


The result

Early events in the week meant that Swansea started the day on Wednesday with a 7-1 lead.


Both teams excelled throughout the day, with Cardiff showing that they were ready to put up a fight for victory despite a shaky start!


Swansea picked up gold in the IMG football, swimming and women’s rugby, on top of several others. Cardiff collected gold for women’s basketball, cricket, water polo and more.

The final, and most anticipated event rounded off a beautiful day for both the Cardiff and Swansea students. The men’s rugby took place in the Principality Stadium and emotions were high upon entry. Both teams of students arrived with confidence for their teams, shouting supportive chants with a heart full of hope for the final game of the day…


The final results came in and after a wobbly start Cardiff came out victorious. Cardiff 35 – 15 Swansea

We asked some students to let us hear some of their chants, here are some of their favourites…



First of all we have this classic

You’re green, you’re white, your uni’s f***ing s***e, SWANSEA!

In a close second we have

Your dad works for my dad, your dad works for my dad, la la la la, la la la la

And in third, the killer chant from Cardiff

Gimme an E, gimme a D, gimme a D, what does that get? You, into Swansea!



Swansea started off with the usual

I’d rather be a t**t than unemployed

And continued with…

I’m Swansea till I die, I’m Swansea till I die, I know I am I’m sure I am, I’m Swansea till I die

And finally this very original one

We hate you Cardiff, we do, we hate you Cardiff, we do, we hate you Cardiff, we dooooooo but ooohhhhhh Swansea we love you!




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Ourselves and MUB took to the streets of Varsity with a camera, a bag of unusual household items, and heads full of questions. All we’ll say for now is, the ‘blue thing’ in our bag of goodies was definitely NOT a turkey baster…


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