Top Tips For Student Accommodation In Glasgow

Sep 2017The Student Life


Ideal for lazy people, Partick is 2 miles out of the city centre on the edge of the west end and has buses, trains and subways all running from the same place to spare you all the effort of walking too far with a hangover. Partick is the place if you want a mixture of born and bred Glaswegians and student vibes. Head out on the famous Damarton road to experience nightlife along a 2-mile strip of pubs, clubs and bars. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and quash both your regrets and your hangover with a mammoth-sized sandwich from Devils Deli or Roasters.


FUN FACT: Apparently Shish Mahal on park road is where the UK’s favourite curry dish, tikka masala was first invented. It was listed on Lonely Planet as the best place in the literal entire world to eat the dish, so when you go out for a boozy Friday night curry, rest assured that you’re in good hands. On your way home from an inevitable and frequent party in the flats of West Princes Street, grab yourself a spag-bol filled crepe to keep you going on the walk home. Or, y’know, do literally anything else.  Big houses and cheap rent (as far as the West End is concerned) means Woodlands is the central student hub of Glasgow. The Great Western Road is the local watering hole, home of the £5 Paesanos pizza, and to the pub which supposedly holds the real ‘Stone of Destiny’ (after some lads nicked it from Westminister Abbey in the 70’s)


If your personal bank account of mum and dad leaves you well funded (£500+ a month rent kinda well funded) then Hyndland is the place for you. A 20-minute walk from the city centre, Hyndland is home to various footballers, local celebrities, young professionals and finally, students. People who live here probably drink champers for pre-drinks and only buy organic from Waitrose.  If living here yourself is out of the question, try and befriend someone who does, even if its just so you can try their scrambled quail eggs.

Sauchiehall Street

Apparently pronounced ‘saw-kee-hall’ and not ‘saw-chi-hall’ or ‘sow-ch-eye-hall’ because Scots do not give a damn about your English pronunciation rules (a ‘ch’=’kay’ sound apparently). As of 2017, the Glasgow counsel is pouring £7 million into a total revamp of saw-kee-hall street so it’s going to be pretty beaut. It is one of the main shopping streets in Glasgow so is commonly associated with the city centre, although it is over a mile long. Merges into Damarton Road in Partick.

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