What Your University Course Says About You

Nov 2016The Student Life

… according to other students

English Literature 

When you aren’t at uni you spend most of your free time in independent coffee shops, sipping coffee or a pale ale and reading The Catcher in the Rye.










You’ll end your day with an edgy picture on Instagram followed by a long quote from your work that you find oh so relatable.



Obviously, you’re always right. Your friends anticipate the sarcastic comments that they expect every time you open your mouth









Let us normal, less informed students make a comment without you trying to make a mockery out of us?



Your favourite show is Breaking Bad









You also love going to bars where they use loads of dry ice and serve shots out of test tubes



You’re the kind of ‘crazy’ that will manically laugh in your partners face whilst your eyes are dead and you’re repeatedly shouting ‘I’m not angry, it’s fine!’








Your life is like a soap opera filled with singing, dancing and different accents.



Some might say you’re arrogant, but that’s because we all know your course is the course that rules all courses
















Medical students are surprisingly good drinkers, and actually the last people we should trust with our health



Where the English literature students can be found studying books, you can be found studying your thoughts.








Taking a philosophy student to the pub can be a bad decision. Instead of dampening your mouth with a pint you’ll dampen the mood with a heavy sigh closely followed by “what if all of this is just our imagination”…



You are included on all group trips to IKEA because you’re expected to build all the furniture after













… all jokes aside you’re probably going to be the most successful out of your uni friends



You guys take friendly discussions far too seriously – things can get heated fast











You’re the first to volunteer yourself as lead tenant and your names probably on all the bills plus the joint house bank account.



You’ve got the business to end all others… and your parents will be your first investors















You’ve most definitely read Lord Alan Sugars autobiography, and you’ve already applied to be on the apprentice.



You tell everyone you study Geology because you love rocks, right?!













Really, you knew you’d get to travel around to different places with the outdoors as your classroom… This is why Geologists are some of the smartest students around



Your knowledge of society has become to vast you possess the power to control the whole population













You spend most of your time tweeting about how outraged you are













And trying to get your friends to read your recent article that has been published on The Tab


Disclaimer: this is not necessarily true for everyone on your course