‘It’s official: there will be no more Revolution Tuesdays’

January 10th, The Tab release an article and to our horror spill the beans that SYNC will be moving out of the beloved Revolutions and into the less loved, Tiger Tiger. Our first thoughts were; no more Revs Tuesdays?!

The Tab state ‘although it is currently unknown why, it has been confirmed that the iconic Cardiff night will be moving to Tiger Tiger’, much to the dismay of avid Revs go-ers.

One Tweeter, who had only visited the venue twice, expressed his concern …

Every student has experienced that rush of excitement, waking up on a gloomy Tuesday morning mentally prepping yourself to take on the day ahead, but then you remember, it’s Revs day. You jump on the group chat ‘lads, ladies, revs tonight… who’s in?’. A flood of messages rush your phone ‘yes’ ‘KEEN’ ‘you know i’ll be there’ ‘already on it’.

We took to Twitter to see how Cardiff residents were taking the news of the move…

We thought ‘how can Cardiff’s most loved venue do this to their customers?’, and the investigation began…

Hold your horses, residents of Cardiff. We may have just stumbled upon the best tweet of 2017.

Does this mean this is NOT the end of Revs for bevs? It seems that Mode, the event that once dominated Tuesday Revs, is being reinstated.


Revolution commented ‘to keep the night moving forward and to make it even bigger and better for 2017, we have made the decision to change promoter’. 

It is unknown why the event previously moved out of Revs, but it appears to have been a sore time for Cardiff’s students. Ring any bells?

The students of 2012 carry the same passion as the students of today.

Don’t worry Kate, Revs Tuesday will be here waiting for your return.

You can find more details surrounding the new and improved Revs Tuesdays HERE.

Returning 17.01.2017, a date to remember.

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