In a world of Dom’s, be a Marcel.

1. The Snake

There’s always one, you think they’re nice when they first move in, they get everyone on side with their charming exterior, then BAM, like Jonny, they turn out to be a snake. They say one thing, yet do another, and they’re proper smug about it. You’re never quite sure what their next move will be, probably flirting with your ex, or stealing your milk. They’re not known to keep all their eggs in one basket…

ITV2 dom love island swear jonny GIF

2. The Innocent One

 The quiet, coy one of the house, like Camilla, is unconditionally loved by you all. Even though they don’t like to give too much away,  after a few VK’s they let loose. They’ve even been known to neck half of the rugby lads in the SU on a Wednesday, while you cheer them on like proud parents. As said in passing, a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets…

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3. The Arrogant One

 Like Chris, everyone has a housemate who probably spends about an hour each day talking about how fit they are, or at least thinking about it. They love discussing whose ‘punching’ and insist that they’re the ‘best looking’ in the group. Deep down though, they’re a bit of a softie, they just like to ‘back themselves’ to make them seem like a lad when really they’re a polar bear…

ITV2 couple chris bed olivia GIF

4. The Problem Solver

We all need a Marcel in our lives. The daddy of the group. Someone whose a constant shoulder to cry on, and a voice of reason when everything seems to be going wrong. They’ll make you feel better in an instant, and never fail to lift the mood when its down. The true leader of your (blazin’) squad.

ITV2 hug sweet montana love island GIF

5. The Psycho

There’s always one, and if you can’t work out who it is, it’s probably you. Like Olivia, they love causing drama, yet when it comes back to bite them, they go absolutely mental. They have crazy exes and they’re a nightmare when they get pissed, but you’ve known them since day one so you love them anyway. Just keep it to yourself if they’ve skipped their dishwashing duties a few days in a row…

ITV2 olivia love island loveisland itv2 GIF

6. The One That’s Always Eating

As we all know from being avid fans of the show, wherever there’s drama there should be snacks. Montana swears by this rule and so does the one who’s always eating… No matter what the situation is, they’re in their snack cupboard. And when their snacks run out, they’ll be in yours. So don’t rely on this housemate for backup during household feuds, know that they’ll be at the back of the room with a handful of popcorn and their feet kicked up on the sofa like Christmas has come early…

ITV2 eye roll montana love island loveisland GIF

7. The Annoying Couple

You all signed for a house in October after meeting in halls, then two of your future housemates decide ‘they’re each other’s type on paper’ and thus, a relationship blossoms. Like Amber and Kem. Nightmare. Think you can go a week without an argument? Think again, you’ll find yourself heavily involved in their constant drama. And if it’s not their ‘heated debates’ keeping you awake at night, it’ll be something else getting ‘heated’ in their bedroom… Fab.

ITV2 kiss amber love island loveisland GIF

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